Artistry in Action 2016 Syllabus

FPA 399: Artistry in Action
Monday & Wednesday 12:00-1:50 PM
Lincoln Hall Room 219
Instructor: Darrell Grant  (cell) 503 781-2135, E-mail GRANTD@PDX.EDU
Office: Lincoln Hall 237B
Office Hours: Tuesday 2:00-3:00 PM, Thursday 10:00-11:00 AM


The following is a rough schedule for the topic areas that we will cover during this term.  This is also where I’ll list who might be joining us as guests during the term.

Week 1– Where are YOU? Self Assessment, Mindset

Questions- What are your expectations?, What is the role of Art in your life, What are the myths about art and artists in your field?

Week 2– What is art?  What is your mission/Goal Setting

Questions- What is your expectation, What is the role of Art in your life. What does Professional mean?

Week 3– Art as Work- Understanding your Field/Money/

Questions- How does Art intersect with economy?  What is the role of Art in Capitalist economies? How do you monetize your art. Entrepreneurship, Finding opportunities. Getting clients.

Week 4-Art Intersects w/Community/Reaching people

Questions- How does Art intersect with community?  What is role of art in other cultures
Are their other ways to support art rather than money? Can you give your art away?
What is the role in society of different art forms?  How can art intersect community?

Week 5– Midterm & Review

Week 6-Institutions & Industries –Guest

Questions- How are institutions changing today?  What is the model for the future,

Week 7–  Choices

Questions- How do people keep art in their lives throughout their whole lives?  What are the stages of your artistic life? What is success to you? What do you need to keep doing art: talk about the practical, the emotional, the inner rewards & motivations and the external rewards and motivations.

Week 8– The arc of a career

Questions- What other skills and interests can you develop? What are the mid-level jobs, what are the high level jobs, how long do people spend in each?

Week 9-Projects & Teams

Questions- How do you hire someone? How do you plan a project? Who is your team?

Week 10–  Next Steps
Questions- What is your plan for the next year?  What are 10 steps you can do to move forward?
What did you learn, what would you like to add to the class?