Economic Flow of a Wedding Gig

This is financial data provided to our class in 2014 by Wendy Goodwin, violinist, PSU grad and founder of Effesenden Music, an events company which provides music and other services for weddings, corporate and non-profit events.

Married couple (or the brides father, or whoever is paying for it)

Average cost of a wedding is $28,082

Budge breakdown is as follows:

•    Attire/Accessories- avg. $1,600
•    Bride’s appearance- avg. $130
•    Ceremony music (if not provided by the band)- avg. $559
•    Flowers/decorations- avg. $1,800
•    Gifts/favors (service tips, gifts for parents, guests)- avg. $800
•    Invitations, guest book, thank you cards, etc.- avg. $800
•    Jewelry- avg. $4,500
•    Photography- avg. $2,800
•    Consultant- avg. $1,250
•    Transportation (if ceremony is separate from reception)- avg. $400
•    Venue/catering- avg. $10,500
•    Marriage license- avg. $70
•    Honeymoon- avg. $3,700

(These figures are from The Association of Bridal Consultants, via, and are based on national averages, as well as the notion that all of these costs are completely necessary.  The weddings at which I most often perform seem to include most if not all of these costs, with certain variations)

The band’s cut: established by contract, taking travel distance, additional song requests, and duration into consideration- avg. $1,750

The group in which I perform is typically paid around $2,000-3,000, split between 5 band members, 2 band leaders, and a manager/promoter

My personal average cut for a wedding gig is between $200-400, or ~.014% of the estimated total cost of a wedding.


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