Artistry in Action 2017- Summary, Homework & Notes- Class #11- 5/10/17

Hello all,

We are definitely in the home stretch.  In the next couple weeks, expect to hear from me with some responses to all the homework that has been turned in so far.  Also I’m looking forward to the slate of guest artists we have visiting the class.  Here is the schedule

Monday, May 15- Composer Kenji Bunch (Sorry I mis-printed his date earlier)

Wednesday, May 24- Artist Lisa Jarrett
Wednesday, May 31- Film maker John Teton
Wednesday, June 5, media artist Dave Colangelo
A couple important notes:
1) Life Goals Notebook/Life plan back to front is listed as being due on Wednesday, May 15th. Given that there is no such date. I’m am changing the due date to Wednesday May 24th to give people a bit more time to get it done. Please either bring a hard copy to class on that date, or email it to me BEFORE that day’s class
2) Please look on the homework section of this post for the description of the Final Project assignment. I will talk about it briefly in the next class, but would advise you to start the process now, and bring any questions you have to class on Monday.


  • We had a discussion regarding things that came up in the readings in Art and Fear.


  • We started in on the “Take A Risk” exercise.  Thanks to Tess & Brendon for sharing their work.  I mentioned that I was struck by the level of analysis and research that goes into the work that Tess does in architectural design.  I offered the idea that we in other art fields might consider how this aspect of the work might affect our processes in our own disciplines.  Also the idea that in architectural design, art is applied to solving problems, but also to changing the nature of the conversation, because by making something beautiful, you are declaring the value of individuals or groups who may not usually be seen as valuable. By asserting that they deserve art, you then have the opportunity to have a different conversation about human values. With Brendon’s film we talked about the idea that just because something is created for a niche market, does not mean it cannot have universal impact.  The values expressed by his artistic choices are in fact universals that many people who may not be knowledgeable about the subject matter may nonetheless find meaningful and inspiring.

Here is the schedule for the remaining “Take A Risk” Presentations

Mon May 15th
Leslie G
Weds May 17th
Robert B
Maeve D
Jennifer H
Dylan N
Chris T
Weds May 24
Eric M
Kelsey P
Jennifer Le
Paris B
Zoe H
Weds May 31
Lauren G
Breanne N
Hector Z
Jenna M
“Take a Risk”-Exercise –  Bring a piece of your art and share it with class  Reflect and be prepared to talk in class about the following questions about your work in relation to community:

1.Can this work provide a model for what your fellow classmates (even those who practice other disciplines or art forms) do?
2. Is there a way this work can initiate dialogue and healing?
3. What are “the Universals” in your art form.  The Universals are the core principles of your art that relate the humans beyond the work.  In jazz music, for example one universal might be called  “navigating difference.”  Another is “improvisation” This is a key part of the process of s “discovering the Universals”  The Universals provide  larger answers to the question “why do we do what we do?”  When we discover them, then we see what our art has in common with and what it has to offer to the lives of people very different from ourselves.=


HOMEWORK  (Be sure to refer to Master homework list for the homework that is due next class, including:

1. Community Gathering Assignment- Date for Pt 1 changed to May 15th
Pt. 1. – Research places to find community in your artistic field and start a list. Bring to class for discussion.   Now Due Wednesday, May 15
Pt. 2-  Go to a gathering or event of one of these communities. (Note- this doesn’t have to be a community of people who all look like you, or do what you do.  You can be the  only person in your discipline who is there, as long as it feels like a place that might provide community for your artistic endeavors and aspirations. Report back to the class on what happened – Due Wednesday, May 31st

2. Life Goals Notebook/Life plan back to front.

Completed Project due date changed to Wednesday, May 24th

3. Find a Mentor” Project Journal Due
Choose an artist that you feel would assist you on your artistic path and make a connection with them. You want to put yourself more in an apprenticeship role, and establish an ongoing relationship.  Keep a weekly log on the process to be assessed in Week 5 and turned in at the end of the term.  Due by email or hard copy on Wednesday, June 7
4. Final Project- Artist’s Statement: Here is a revised version of the guide to creating an artist statement.  Use this guide to direct yourself through the process.

Artistry in Action –How to write an artist statement

The assignment is using this guide to direct yourself through the process, write and turn in a draft of your own Artist Statement.  It should contain the following components as referred to in the guide:

* Introduction of Self
* Title
* General Concepts
* In-depth points
* Conclusion

Turn in by email by 5:00 PM Monday June 12th.  I will be available during the final exam period for this class on Tuesday, June 13th  between 12:30 & 2:20 to discuss the artists statements with anyone who would like in-person feedback.




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