Artistry in Action 2017- Summary, Homework & Notes- Class #5- 4/17/17

Hello all,

Thanks for a good class yesterday.  I was interested to hear everyone’s input.


  • Lesley brought in a fascinating blog post regarding the Fearless Girl, and we talked about the what happens to works of art once they enter into circulation.  The article presents a lot of great history and arguments for both sides of the controversy.  Great food for thought regarding the ideas in the “Economies of Life” article, and the “commodifying” of art.

  • We had a discussion about the Mindsets assignments, and some people shared the fixed mindset thoughts they worked on this week.  We talked about how you come up with Growth mindset thoughts and then actions around those growth mindset thoughts. (See Board Photo)
  • We broke into small groups for a short discussion about the roles of different art forms in society, and shared those reflections with the class.  We talked about general roles for the arts, and I made some suggestions for more specific roles. (See Board photos) I read some quotes from Andrew Simonet (pages 34-35) as well as the 2 readings about Art’s role that I put in on the homework page


    Karl Paulnack Welcome Address

    We will continue the discussion in Wednesday’s class and talk about the question3. Can I create work that initiates dialogue and healing?

  • I talked about financial models and the difference between the financial models of an Art Gallery as opposed to a music venue.  I suggested that you think about switching up on the traditional model for your art form- ie- selling visual art in bars, or curating live musical performances.
  • I introduced the Economic Chain homework assignment.  (See Homework below)  This is the idea of discovering the places that money flows from and to in your industry.  I talked about musician Patrick Lamb who realized that there was an opportunity in the ticketing side of the music business for small venues & non-profit presenters, so he started the successful ticketing company Ticket Tomato  I talked about the parasol artist who’s art work decorates the Drift Inn restaurant in Yachats, Oregon. (They are also there for sale) The more places in the economic chain you are aware of, the more opportunities there are for you to engage and earn income.
  • I briefly talked about the upcoming homework with O-Net job descriptions for art fields & Data Resources on Art employment
  • I talked about the cash flow assignment (See Homework below)


HOMEWORK  (Be sure to refer to Master homework list for the homework that is due next class, including:

  • Prepare your Elevator Speech- We will present on Wednesday

  • Read these two blog posts at the link below.(if you haven’t already)
    Write a comment to one of them in the comments section

  • Define Your Work Environment” Assignment
  • Survey the Field Assignment-Submit assignment by email by Friday, April 21 Bring print out to class for discussion on Monday, April 24th


1. “Economic Chain” Homework

Assignment: Make a diagram of the economic chain of your industry. What and who are the places where money flows from & to.  Remember there are many different revenue streams in every industry. For the purposes of this assignment, focus on a few. The goal is to begin to understand the flow of money in different areas around your art.  The more places in the chain that you can participate, the greater the possibilities for you to increase that revenue.

Bring the diagram  to class for discussion on Monday, April 24th

2. Assignment-  Figure out your cash flow.  Use one of the following online calculators to come up with your current monthly cash flow.  Do a second iteration that reflects your estimate for immediately after you graduate.  Print out a copy and be prepared to discuss in class- Due Wednesday, May 3

3. Look at this O-Net master list of Employment Fields

Assignment: Use O-Net to:

  1. Check out prospects in two US cities that you think you might be interested in living in.- Due Wednesday, April 26

2. get employment information on your field and 2 related fields.   Due Wednesday, April 26


A in A Board Photo #2 (4_17_17)A in A Board Photo #1 (4_17_17)



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