Supplemental Reading: How to Lead with your Mission & Create Your Own Niche: An Interview with Genghis Barbie

A great interview with a group that is carving their own path.   A couple great quotes:

“We all need to be better, more outspoken advocates for our art. There is a reason that we all got into music, decided to study it seriously, and are now trying to make careers in this field. Can you articulate that reason clearly and convincingly to a stranger on the street? I think we all need to have a compelling personal statement to share with anyone who asks what we do and why. It can, of course, evolve over time, but you simply have to have some way of expressing to others why what you do is meaningful. Your passion can, and must, be contagious. Be an example to the world of the value music brings into our lives.”

“I never thought that I would have any desire to be “entrepreneurial” with regards to music, but that all changed with Genghis Barbie. I care so deeply about this group and believe absolutely that we are making the world a better place. It was this strength of belief that sparked my own interest in learning how to better promote and market our product, which allows us to ultimately share this incredibly joyful thing with more and more people (which is the real goal here). So for someone wanting to start their own venture, make sure you have a project that you can throw your whole heart and soul behind! It’s your own conviction that ultimately pushes you to learn more and find the tools you need. Like Rachel said, the resources are out there, you just need to start (and keep) asking questions.”


Read the whole article here


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