Artistry in Action Class #6 Summary & Whiteboard photos

Hello all,

Sorry this is a day late.  Our class discussion yesterday was wide ranging.  We had

We had a very good discussion to open the class about how to deal with the inevitable rejection letters that come when you try to go for opportunities to put your art out in the world.  I asked the question: “What are some strategies you might use to handle these rejections and continue your work?”  What growth-mindset thoughts or actions might help.  The Board photo below contains some of the things we came up with.

We talked about the Life Plan Assignment and put some examples on the board.(See Board Photo) You should have covered the last 20-30 years of your life now for each area.

We talked about business yesterday from a couple different perspectives.   I talked about the idea of value networks.  This is a new concept for me to communicate about, and I wasn’t as articulate as I would like, but I think it is an important concept for us as artists to understand about business.  The take-away I hope you get is that a business is not just seller & buyer. Every business has networks of connections that hold it together.  There are opportunities for income and participate at many different points along this network of connection.  If we as artists recognize these networks, we can find creative ways to engage through our art and our skills at lots of points along the chain.

Here is the link to the blog post we looked at the describes these value networks in relation to the pharmaceutical business.

I updated the homework page.  It now has the PDF for the skills survey exercise.  Also on the blog are the Values handouts that I spoke about a couple classes ago. The post tells you how to use them. I’ve included a blog post that I’d like for you to look at for next weeks class where we start talking about community.

Below are board photos for today.  Don’t forget to check in with your partners about your 10-week goal  If you need an email or contact info for your partner please let me know.  Also if you haven’t seen your partner in class ans suspect they may have dropped.  Let me know that too, and we’ll connect you will someone else.

AA Photos Class 6 #3

Strategies for dealing with Rejection letters


Strategies for handling rejection letters

Examples of areas in your Life Plan

AA Photos Class 6 #2.

Portions of a Value Network in Graphic Design





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