Personal Assessment Tools- Wheel of Life & Values List

Hello all,

Here are a couple useful tools that I learned about courtesy of Astrid Baumgardner.

1.    Wheel of Life

The 8 different sections of the wheel describe 8 key areas of someone’s life.  Take a look at these areas and make sure that they resonate for you. Feel free to substitute something else that speaks more deeply to you.  Once you have your 8 areas, rate each area on the wheel in terms of how important that area is to you.  Use a scale of 1-10, with 1 being “not important” and 10 being “vitally important”.  Then, rate how satisfied you are with the way you are living each area.  Notice the gaps between your two ratings.

NOTE:  Even thought is says Musicians in the title, this tool is not specific to musicians.  Feel free to substitute the name your art form.

Wheel of Life Musician Balance and Spirituality

2.   Values

Review the list of values and select your top 10.  Then, see if you can narrow it down to your top 5.  This may take some time so there is no need to rush the process.  A great and very thought-provoking exercise.

ABC+T Values Assessment 2014


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