Artistry in Action Class #5 Summary & Whiteboard photos

Hello all,

Thanks to those that came for class today.  We had 6 absences.  Appreciations if you can let me know if you can’t make it.

We had a good discussion about War of Art.  Beware the Resistance.  We also shared some of our elevator speeches.  The goal is to practice them often with different types of listeners.  See what resonates, what gets people interested and sparks questions and conversation.  Polish them like you would your works of art.

There is a new page added to the Blog menu on the home page.  It is called DATA Resource on Arts Employment.  That is where the BLS and O-Net pages that are referred to in the homework can be found.

On the board photos below are an illustration of my 3-legged stool concept for a sustainable artistic life, which includes your art and all the things that support it- which I propose that you continue to do for your whole life, and that you not expect to pay you anything;  your cashflow, which is how you earn the funds you need to live.  It may draw on the same skills that you use for your art, but it is not your art-because it is not for you.  The 3rd leg is  passive or sustaining income.  This is an investment that you make for the long term.  It can go to support your art, but it is not your current cash flow.

We finished the class talking about how you set a price for your art.  The board photo talks about

What we sell, things that go into the price, and strategies for setting a price.  We’ll talk more about this next class.

Setting a price for your art

AA Photo Class 5 #1

The 3-legged stool concept

AA Photo Class 5 #2





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