Artistry in Action Class #4 Summary & Whiteboard photos

Hello all,

Great Class today!! Thanks to all for your open discussion around priorities and time management.  Notes from that discussion and our discussion about what makes a good mentor and the steps one might take to connect with one are below.  See today’s Homework post for a complete list of all homework assigned today. Note the the “Find A Mentor” assignments is up top in the Long Term assignments section.  Lot’s of reading due next week, The good news is it’s supposed to rain this weekend.  So less temptation to head to the beach. 🙂

Special bonus below the board pictures at the bottom of the post: Not sure how many of you watch  John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight show this week.  I’m a fan and I found this episode an absolutely BRILLIANT example of framing.  He took an issue that is too dense, too complicated, too boring and too scary for almost anyone to think about- NSA Surveillance –and applied a radical and ingenious frame that  transformed the issue into one that, if people didn’t actually care about it, they could take away the essence of the facts.  it was clever and it was risky.   How do we do this with our art?

What does a Mentor do and how do you find one?

AA Photos Class 4 #1

Time Management, values and why you might choose not to come to class.

AA Photo Class 4 #2





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