Artistry in Action Class #3 Summary & Whiteboard photos

Hello all,

If you missed class today we talked about the power of Mindset and the role of  art in society.  We talked about writing your elevator speech and “leading with mission” See today’s Homework post for a complete list of all homework assigned today

In addition to the Board photos below. I’ve attached PDF’s of a couple documents that I think speak to this question.

Speech from PSU Architecture Professor Clive Knight about the mission of Architecture as he sees it.


An address from pianist and Director of the Boston Conservatory of Music Karl Paulnack about the power of Music

Karl Paulnack Welcome Address

My hope is that these thoughts inspire your own about the larger role we as artsts and our work can take on in society

Here also is a link to the excerpts we referred to today from the “Making Your Life As An Artist” book that you are reading.


Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

AA Photo Class 3 #1

Ways that Art contributes to our society

AA Photo Class 3 #2



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