Artistry in Action Class #2 Summary & Whiteboard photos

Hello all,

Great class today.  Really enjoyed the discussions of the blog posts.  We will continue them next class and talk about the Amanda Palmer posts. If you haven’t already read them, I encourage you to do so.

As you can see- there are numerous perspectives on the simple question of whether to turn a hobby into a job.  The same is true of the topics broached in the other blog posts. Not only are they central questions we grapple with.  How we approach them will affect how we perceive opportunities surrounding us to bring our art into the world.   I encourage us to examine these issues from different sides.  To try on different decisions, and talk to others in order to help us see flexibly and think non-dogmatically will help us in pursuing our path.

AA Photos Class 2 #1

AA photo Class 2 #2


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