Artistry in Action 2015- Homework Class #1 3/30/15

Hello All

Thanks for your participation in class today.  Very excited about this exploration this term.  Here is the Homework for today’s class. It is divided into 3 sections

In-class discussion- These are homework assignments that reflect things we talked about in the class today.

Text Readings- These are readings from the assigned texts for the term. My goal is to be able to have in-class discussions about this material on or after the date due. I may also give small reflective writing assignments on chapters along the lines of What did yo find useful? or How might you apply the information?

Weekly Reading- These are blog posts that will impact class discussion in the next class or two.  i will often ask for you to comment on one or two of the posts on the blog itself. This is a way to keep the discussion of these topics going outside of class.

Class #1 3/30/15

Respond to the following 2 questions to me via email by Friday, April 3

1. Regarding your connection to your art: Where are you solid? What are you clear about now- about your process, about what you know you want to do, about what you’ve mastered?

2. “What is one big challenge to you doing your art?”  Do you have an Achilles heel? Something you are afraid might hold you back or that you know you have to overcome?  For me it is modal comping in my left hand.  I overheard someone say ‘I’m a jack-of-all-trades, haven’t mastered any of them.”  This is the kind of reflection I’m looking for.


1. Read the blog posts found at the link below by next class.  Due Wednesday, April 1.

1. Read “Making Your Life as an Artist” (PDF of the Class Readings pg)  Due Monday April 20

2. Read “The War of Art” at least pg 1-40 Due Monday April 13


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